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High-quality Italian wines

Situated at the heart of Chianti region, Cantina Ceccobao is a promising wine cellar mainly responsible for bottling and exporting high-quality Italian wines to the rest of the world. With an average of 40 thounsand hectoliters of wine bottled every year, Cantina Ceccobao boasts some of the most efficient bottling and logistics facilities of the whole country. Apart from the numerous Tuscany estates, Cantina Ceccobao also collaborates with the wine cellars of other Italian regions, in which the best wines are carefully selected by expert wine makers; this makes our reality offer a wide variety of products. Currently, productions of regions like Toscana, Abruzzo, Campania, Puglia, and Sicilia are the ones of great interest.


Great wines cannot be made without great grapes, which is why we seek to discover the very best of each Italian region in which we operate. Blending grapes allows us to play to the gallery of flavours available from each unique vineyard site and create wines of great depths and consistency. Our mission is to capture expressions of each origin, from the sunny hills of Tuscany to the breezycoastsof Sicily and the sun-drenched Heel of Italy, Puglia.


We favor the fruit character and flavor precision over complexity and we focus on exulting the typical character of the varietal in the context of its origin. We also favor blending in our winemaking style: it allows us to narrow down to the finest characteristics of each growing site and marry them together to develop wines of exceptional quality and flavor. Each lot is harvested and fermented separately in order to maintain the integrity of every vineyard and develop the unique aromas, flavors and textures of the fruit.

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